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UOMM facility: used oil into diesel fuel

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Digital indicator of liquid cleanliness classes

JSC "TESAR-SO" was created in 1992. Main lines of activity: R&D, finishing of created "know-how" to developments and batch production, serial manufacture of high-tech products. The enterprise develops, serially manufactures and delivers in the market stands for liquids cleaning (SOG), proportioning pumps, steam traps. The company has obtained ten patents of the RF for inventions. "TESAR-SO" has a highly effective industrial infrastructure, the highly skilled staff. The staff consists of more than 30 person, among them 5 PhDs. Since 2003 the company is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saratov region. "TESAR-SO" is interested in large-scale cooperation in the field of development, organization of manufacture and selling of stands for liquids cleaning (SOG), UVM facilities for cleaning and restoration of transformer oils, proportioning pumps, steam traps.

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  1. Liquids cleaning. Stands for liquids cleaning SOG
  2. Restoration of transformer oils. Facilities for restoration of transformer oils UVM
  3. UPOM facility: used oil into diesel fuel
  4. Proportioning pumps
  5. Digital indicator of liquid cleanliness classes IchZh-01

1. Stands for liquids cleaning SOG


Centrifugal fine cleaning of industrial and energy oils, liquid coolants, hydrosystems working liquids, diesel fuel and kerosene from mechanical impurity and water. The stands are made on SOG base model 913K1M (all models have certificates of conformity)


By cleaning fineness the SOG stands correspond to 5-micron aviation filters. They enable to separate undissolved water.

In comparison with cartridge systems for similar purpose the SOG stands are distinguished by high economy in operation owing to higher mud absorbing capacity (10 kg) - several grams with filters - and absence of replaceable filtering elements.

High efficiency, low dimensions, mobility and easy operation of the stands make it possible with high quality and minimal costs to service different equipment immediately at site:
aircraft construction, motor and air-engine enterprises
cleaning of working liquids, test beds, process equipment, plane and helicopter hydrosystems;
machine and machine-tool plants, repair shops
providing cleanliness of hydraulic systems of machine tools, presses, automatic lines, foundry machines, as well as removal of processing products from liquid coolants on oil and water base;
power supply enterprises cleaning of turbines and pumps oils, as well as in vacuum and adsorption installations for transformer oils regeneration as a preliminary stage for cleaning from undissolved water and mechanical impurities;
gas- and oil-pumping stations
oils cleaning in lubrication systems of gas-and oil-pumping units;
railway transport enterprises
periodic oils cleaning of hydraulic systems of track-repair machines, machine tools for processing of wheel pairs, removal of water and mechanical impurities from motor oils;
service stations of automotive, road and construction technical equipment
refueling-in and periodic cleaning of hydrosystem oils of tractors, dredges.

Principle of operation

Smallest firm and liquid contamination particles are deposited on surface of a centrifuge-pump rotor equipped with spiral or disc insert as result of its rotation of with very high speed. (One pass of liquid through the stand allows to reduce the concentration of contamination particles by hundreds times).

After centrifuge stopping liquid impurities flow down from the rotor in a settling tank, firm impurities are directed in a mud collecting vessel.
Stands with a system of continuous water drainage from the centrifuge rotor are used if fuel and oil contain a lot of water.


Productivity, l/min, max55

Efficiency of liquids cleaning from abrasive contaminations (at initial pollution of the 15-17 class in accordance with GOST 17216-2001), cleanliness level


Output water content at initial content of to 1 %


Speed rotation of a centrifuge rotor, rpm


Mud absorbing capacity (by an abrasive contaminator), kg


of centrifuge rotor with a spiral insert


of centrifuge rotor with a disc insert


of settling tank


Electric drive power (380V, 50Hz), kW


Overall dimensions, mm, max


Weight, kg, max


Conditions of operation: temperature of liquids, 0С, max


Viscosity of liquids, cSt

от 3 до 350

e-mail: tesar@inbox.ru

Tel./fax - +7(845-2) 72-97-33, 29-50-80.

2. Restoration of transformer oils. Facilities for restoration of transformer oils UVM


Cleaning of transformer oils from mechanical impurities, acids and water at refueling-in and operation of oil-filled equipment. They are promising for use in power sites of different enterprises.


UVM facilities provide:

- Increase of transformer oil breakdown voltage to 70 кV;
- Acidity reduction by 10 times;
- Oil heating to +70оС.

Process of cleaning includes centrifugal and adsorption stages that enables to increase efficiency of equipment operation and significantly (by dozens of times) to prolong service life of the adsorbents (practically no regeneration is needed).

Models produced

Models produced: UVM-01 (a centrifugal cleaning unit + an absorption cleaning unit), UVM-03 (an oil-heating unit + a centrifugal cleaning unit + an absorption cleaning unit).

The centrifugal cleaning unit.

Due to that one of models of SOG stands is included in a structure of the unit, UVM facilities can be used for cleaning of highly polluted oils, providing substantial increase of a adsorbents resource.

At UVM productivity of 900 l/hour to 80% of total water (dissolved and emulsive) is removed from oil for one pass, and the rest water is adsorbed by zeolite (absorption cleaning unit), providing output water content of 10-20 g/t. (At typical initial watering of 100g/t adsorbents resource is enough for treatment of not less than 200 t of transformer oil).

The SOG stand operate in the facility as a pump to supply oil through adsorbers.
The adsorption cleaning unit.

It includes eight adsorbers, containing cartridges with zeolite (water removal) and silica gel (removal of acid, oxidation products and water).

A single-stage or a repeated (circulating) cleaning method is used depending on oil pollution level.
The oil-heating unit.

The oil-heating unit. It provides optimum oil temperature (50оС) for cleaning by adsorbents of both types. Oil heating is carried out for one pass. The unit can be used as an independent module for heating and pumping of mineral oils in warehouse and shop conditions.

Technical characteristics


Productivity, l/hour

900 900

Power consumption, kW

4 15

Dimensions, cm

adsorption cleaning unit: 110х70х170

adsorption cleaning unit: 110х70х170
oil-heating unit: 90х55х130

Weight, kg

450 570

e-mail: tesar@inbox.ru

3. UPOM facility: used oil into diesel fuel

Transformation of used oils in diesel and other kinds of fuel.
The method enables:

- to obtain an additional volume of good-quality diesel fuel corresponding to GOST standard and not worsening engine operation (it is confirmed by results of laboratory tests);
- to save on expenditures for recycling used oils and to improve ecological situation in an object.

Preliminary cleaned used oil (no more than 5-7%) is mixed with diesel fuel with the subsequent two-stage cleaning of obtained mixture in "thin-walled" centrifuges (SOG).



UPOM facility flow chart
Diesel fuel (DF)
used oil (UO)
diesel fuel pump
oil proportioning pump
Mixture tank 95% DF + 5% UO
SOG 913KT2B3 with a centrifuge
SOG 913C1B3 with a spiral centrifuge
Version for additional kerosene input
kerosene proportioning pump
output in a vessel
1st stage of cleaning (removal of water and mechanical impurities > 5 microns)
2nd stage of cleaning (removal of mechanical impurities > 2 microns)

Facility is promising for operating in sea and river ports, enterprises using heavy vehicles, railway.

In Russia there are no analogues. The cost of UOMM facility is $20.0 thousands (the cost of the American-Canadian "Wotec" analogue is $320.0 - 400.0 thousands at more expensive maintenance service).

Cooperation proposals:

- Industrial tests of UOMM facilities at a Customer's enterprise with drawing up of the Contract or the Agreement for the test period without financial obligations.

- Decision-making about commercialization of the Contract (Agreement) on base of tests results.

As a rule, in the world equipment with expensive replaceable filtering cartridge elements is used for cleaning used oil.

The alternative technology on base of centrifugal cleaning principle (with the use of a centrifuge) is cheaper and more effective.

The data on firms using technology of centrifugal cleaning is presented below.

4. Proportioning pumps



Pressure proportioning of different liquids (inert, toxic, aggressive) in heat-and-power engineering, oil-production and other industries.


The pumps feature a fundamentally new highly effective design of the power drive based on a linear electromagnetic motor (there is no reduction gear and mechanism for rotation conversion into reciprocating motion). It enables notably improve reliability and efficiency of the device operation.

The microprocessor control system with automatic overload protection in the hydraulic system enables to realize smooth regulation of the pump capacity, manual and automatic control in digital or analogous modes.

5. Digital indicator of liquid cleanliness classes IChZh-01

Digital indicator of liquid cleanliness classes


Determination of a contamination level of a working liquid and efficiency of its cleaning at the use of reagents of various types.

The IChZh-01 device provides indication of the contamination level by classes of cleanliness according to GOST 17216-2001; analysis of cleanliness in a flow and samples (50 - 100 cm3); automatic control of liquid's cleanliness (it is built in the automatic control system).

Precision installation and keeping of the controllable liquid consumption are not required. It enables to measure parameters of a wide range of liquids (fuel, oils, spirits, acids, alkalis, water, water solutions). It is reliable in operation.

Technical characteristics

Liquid cleanliness classes range (GOST 17216-2001)7 - 17

Controllable liquid consumption, cm3/ min

50 - 250

Input liquid permissible pressure, kg/cm2, max


Permissible temperature range, grad C

+10grad.C - +70 grad.C

Power supply, V/Hz


Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


Cooperation proposals

Delivery of finished articles, including for concrete technological conditions and parameters.