Teas-MO Scientific and Engineering Center OOO

The contemporary world regards high-technology and science-intensive products not as a luxury but as a necessity. As the needs of humanity continue to grow, the global production industry also develops rapidly, however, the possibilities for its development are rather limited. The general problem is the fact that our planet’s resources are almost depleted and most of them cannot be recovered. That’s where science and high technology comes to the rescue, as they provide a way to use the existing resources with maximal efficiency and without any harm to the environment. Examples of such technologies include oil processing technique utilizing complex physical and chemical processes or utilization of biodiesel fuel capable of significantly prolonging the automobile engine operation period due to its unique technical parameters. However, the sphere of interests of our company, Teas-MO Scientific and Engineering Center, founded in 1992, includes far more than these two examples. Anything devised by humans can always be significantly improved, modernized and upgraded. There is no such thing as a “perfect product”, therefore, the products of our company will always find its customer.

Our website provides the information on our most recent developments including their technical parameters, operational features and competitive advantages. For example, we designed a dispensing pump capable of very precise dispensing of various commonly used liquids both for domestic and industrial (oil and gas industry, heat and power generation facilities etc.) appliances. Another recent development of our company is an automatic condensate drainer that removes condensed liquid from steam pipes and steam-driven appliances, thus preventing significant heat losses and hydraulic impacts. We also provide a rather large amount of SOG-series liquid purification units capable of greatly improving the performance of hydroelectric equipment. The specialists of our company are actively involved in both scientific research and engineering design of novel equipment. We believe that highly skilled workforce is a cornerstone for the success of our company. Our employees include Candidates of Sciences (persons who defended PhD thesis equivalent) with patented inventions that kickstarted the development of new production methods. Products of Teas-MO Scientific and Engineering Center are widely used not only in Russia; we have entered into business partnerships with various companies from Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, USA and other countries. More information regarding our company and our activities can be found both on this website and in other media. We are always eager to cooperate and start a mutually beneficial partnership and we will be happy to hear your suggestions, wishes and remarks.

Teas-MO Scientific and Engineering Center OOO is a company that stands for implementing the technologies of the future!