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Sales department: phone number +7 (8452) 72-97-33

Deputy Director General for implementation of innovative developments and commercial activities: Ali Khamidovich Tsatsaev

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Teas-MO Scientific and Research Center OOO

Mail address: Office 11-20, building Ч, 50 im. N.G. Chernyshevskogo street, Saratov 410071 Phone/fax number: (845-2) 72-97-33, 29-50-80


INN (Identification Number of Taxpayer): 6454083665

KPP (Code of Reasons for Registration): 645401001


Bank name

Privolzhsky branch office of Vostochniy KB (Commercial Bank) PAO (Publiscly-Held JointStock Company), Nizhny Novgorod

BIK (Bank Identification Code) 042202714`

Correspondent account no. 30101810222020000714

Settlement account no. 40702810595840001440

OKPO (Russian National Classifier of Companies and Organizations): 96935511

OKATO (Russian National Classifier of Political Subdivisions): 63401380000

OGRN (General State Registration Number): 1076454000831

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