Process liquid

Process liquids of hydraulic systems, contaminated oil, diesel fuel and other petroleum-based liquids must be purified from mechanical contaminants and water. Purification of the process liquids (industrial oils, engine oil, diesel fuel etc.) is usually performed by SOG-913 centrifugal liquid purification units that are capable of removing all contaminants with density greater that the density of purified oil as well as non-solute water. SOG-913 units can be used to purify liquids utilized in production, repair and maintenance of aircraft, gas transportation equipment, construction equipment, machine tools and engines. Liquid purification via SOG-913 unit helps to increase the safety and service period of oil hydraulic systems, aggregates and mechanisms and increase the operational capacity of process liquids, thus decreasing their impact on environment.

Principles of operation of SOG-913 liquid purification unit:

Contaminated process liquids (oil, diesel fuel etc.) are poured into the centrifuge rotating at a speed of up to 8000 rotation per minute. Centrifugal forces lead all particles heavier than the purified liquid and water to concentrate at the walls of centrifuge cap. At the same time, vacuum generated by the forcing disk of centrifuge forces the purified liquid to go to the center of centrifuge where it transfers through a thick detachable plate. Smallest solid contaminants sediment on such plate and the purified liquid is forced outside of the unit by pressure. The efficiency of such purification technique is equivalent to that of a 5 µm-wide aviation filter while the contaminant capacity of SOG-913 is higher than that of aviation filter by two orders of magnitude. It also should be noted that SOG-913 unit can also extract the non-solute water from the liquid. Operation of a purification unit is much cheaper compared to aviation filter, this being the most prominent competitive advantage of SOG-913 units. You can find a wide range of SOG-913 unit modification on our website. Purification of diesel fuel can be performed with explosion-proof variations of SOG-913 units. They can purify diesel fuel with flash temperature higher than 43 ºC.

Process liquid purity monitoring: Teas-MO Scientific and Engineering Center OOO has designed ICZ-101 indicator that is capable of determining the liquid purity class (as described by GOST (State Standard) no. 172162001). Liquid purity class is indicated at the digital display of an indicator. ICZ-101 liquid purity indicator can be used to monitor the purity of the following liquids:

• process oils: insulating oil, steam turbine oil, industrial oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, vacuum oil etc.;

• kerosene;

• alcohols.