Filter units

Filter units (BF-01, BF-04, BF-03(B3)) are intended for purification of process liquids (with viscosity lower than 150 mm2/s (cSt)) from mechanical contaminants via multi-stage filtration technique. The filter units can be used for preliminary purification of highly contaminated liquids before their processing in SOG-913 unit.  


New product:

The unit can be produced in general process or explosion-proof (ВЗ) variations.

The quality of purification is determined by the set of filters installed at the customer’s request; the filters diameters range from 20 to 1500 µm.


Technical parameters
Maximal production output, l/minute               15
Electric motor power, kW 0,37
Dimensions of BF-01unit, mm 900х600х700
Weight of BF-01 unit, kg 50
Dimensions of BF-01ВЗ unit, mm 900х540х1300
Weight of BF-01ВЗ unit, kg 100