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SOG-913K1A Automatic

(includes the automatic purification mode controlling unit)

SOG-913R1A liquid purification unit is intended for automatic continuous maintenance of a preset degree of purity of process liquids used in hydraulic systems of complex technological equipment!

The unit can be used to maintain the purity of liquids used in production, repair and technical maintenance of aircraft vessels, gas pumping equipment, road construction vehicles, engines, processing units, technological and other equipment. This can improve the stability and longevity of hydraulic lubrication systems and aggregates as well as the quality of processed surface; it also can lead to increased service period for process liquids and oil, thus reducing environmental impact from the equipment.

The units are equipped with centrifuges containing plain bearings made of composite material providing their increased wear resistance and allowing to purify low-viscous liquids.

The unit received a Declaration of Compliance with Eurasian Economic Union standards no. RU Д- RU.АД53.В.03241.

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