Oil heating unit (UPM-01)

The unit is intended for heating flows of liquids and oil to the preset temperature.

The oil heating unit can be used for:

- heating and transportation of industrial liquids and oils to storage or production facilities

- heating of insulating oil (during winter) before filling-in and operating the oil-filled electrical equipment.

Operating principle;

The oil heating is performed by pumping the oil through a tank containing heater coils.

The oil heating unit can be used together with absorber assembly and various modifications of SOG-type liquid purification units.


Technical parameters
Production output, l/minute 900
Maximal temperature range for oil heated for one cycle of unit operation, ºC  20
Ramp-up time, minutes 10
Duration of continuous operation, h 16
Maximal electric power consumption, kW 15
Dimensions, mm 900х550х1300
Maximal weight, kg 110